launch solutions

for small satellites

The new path to space for small satellites.



From hundreds of multi-tons satellites, the market now generates thousands of smallsats. Following this evolution, Spark Orbital is the end-to-end launch company.

PremiUm Services For deDicated & Rideshare missions



We are the smallsats launch company. We provide agile, flexible and responsive solutions.

Understanding the market and its evolutions, we develop our launcher with low-tech, maximum reliability and great competitiveness. Rocket, smallsats deployment system and orbital module, all included. It is easy to produce a prototype, difficult to industrialize it.

Our mission is to provide Small satellites the launcherS they really need



We use multiple launch sites. According to clients’ locations, we reduce launch prices with plug-and-play solutions. The price of your rideshare cannot be more expansive than the price of your satellite.l